Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Love To Travel And I Love Japanese Food

I love eating Japanese food. It's different and almost exotic. I am also privileged to travel to Japan, where our business takes us.

During my last trip to Kagawa-ken, Japan to monitor our interns at Uno Overseas Placement, I met a lovely couple, Otani-san and Nolits, who were also our partners. They happen to be food lovers too. But the distinction they have is that they are very keen on authentic, delicious but reasonably priced restaurants in their area of operation.
Mr. Otani and myself seated at one of 3 tables inside.
Ah, on this trip, they brought me to small ramen shop in the area of Takamatsu. I love the taste of ramen in Japan. But most specially the ambiance of the shop.

So let me take you there now.
See what I mean with ambiance? Love it.
Ahh, the lights! This shop is frequented by old and young alike.
The owner and the chef
My ramen. It's seafood-soup base. Just love the taste of it.
Then there are three. The one at the rear is very hot.
Here it goes. I just love this ramen. Osihi desu!

I love to travel and I love food, specially Japanese food.

Domo arigato guzaimasu,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What A Life!

Welcome to my blog. I am blessed. I am a father, husband and dreamer. Long time ago, I have a dream of writing my life story and let my children, and my grand-children, see what life is all about.

Well, maybe this is the start. I am attempting to chronicle my adventures in life through this blog. I want you to experience what I am tasting and feeling.

I would like to invite you to journey with me.

I believe that my best days are just ahead of me. I am excited!

Dreamer and adventurer,


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