Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life's Good Surprises

This is first for me! I just received a CASH DIVIDEND from my investment in MERALCO stocks.

It's a small amount but very significant for me. Imagine if I had consistently bought shares of Meralco five years ago? Could have amounted to hundreds of thousands already.

But, it's not too late. I still have some 5 - 10 years accumulating MERALCO shares consistently, monthly and patiently.

Here's my note from my broker:

This is really cool!

Thanks to Truly Rich Club for teaching me to be an investor and make my money GROW.

You too can make your money grow in the stock Market. Click to learn more.

Life is really an adventure!


How To See Your Money Grow

I used to see how "compounding" works to my disadvantage. I used to be buried in debt due to my misused of credit cards. Those were times of frustrations, depressions and panic. I saw how my debt increase rapidly, exponentially due to the compounding interest computations on my unpaid balances.

Thank God, I was set free and the lessons I learned helped me manage my money better these days.

Today, you might be in the same predicament I was before. Buried in debt, unable to make both ends meet. There is a way out. You need a mentor to help you get out of the "rut" and start living, really living the life God has planned for you.

I am mentored by one of the best in financial literacy and of course spiritual literacy as well. I am mentored by Bo Sanchez. Who? yes, Bo Sanchez.

Today I want to share an article he wrote to us, members of his Truly Rich club. We get this kind of notes from him on a regular basis and it helps us GROW our investments in the Stock Market. I can say, with humility, that I have learned to invest in the Philippine Stock market. Yes, the stock market we used to avoid because it is only for the RICH. It's now made available to anybody to wants TO GROW HIS INVESTMENTS.

Compounding is now working for me as I see my investment in the stock market GROW.

You too can make this happen in your life. You are positioned to feel what the members of the Truly Rich Club are experiencing now.

I hope you will gain insight into this article by Bo Sanchez.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Has The Stock Market Gone Up A Lot?

Hey! I've got news for you. The Philippine stock market is a good place to be these days. Here's a post from Bo Sanchez about this. You can start doing what I have done about 8 months ago, invest my money in the stock market on a monthly basis using the "Easy Investment Plan" (EIP) of COL Financials.

You too can get into this by being a Truly Rich Club member. I have been helped a lot by my membership in the truly Rich Club in so many ways.

I pray you too can benefit from the progress we are experiencing in our economy. Let me now show you this very interesting news from my mentor, Bo Sanchez.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Did It in 2012

I did it! I should have done this 20 years ago and end up a millionaire now. But, you see, we weren't taught how to be a millionaire in school then. It's a good thing we have people who have tested the waters, gone ahead of us and now they are teaching us how to be millionaires.

I am talking about investing in the stock market.

I started investing about four (4) months ago. A simple book written by my mentor, Bo Sanchez, convinced me that I can also do what his maids are doing... investing their hard-earned money in stock market.

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