Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things About Me: BC Bloggers Meme

This is getting personal now. I appreciate all the BC Bloggers members who are very enthusiastic, excited and open to what we're ask to blog.

For those who are not yet in the group, I encourage you to join us now. It's more fun being a BC Blogger.

Ok, now for my 30 things about me.

1. I am now a grandpa.

2. I just got my Senior Citizens card last week. (Did I say that?)

3. I feel I am just starting in life and my best days are ahead of me. Would you believe, I draw my inspiration from the life is Col. Sanders, of the famous KFC. He started his business when he was 66 years old, getting out of retirement. After more than 1,000 tries, someone believed his chicken recipe and that started the KFC business.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Can Always Dream or Set A New Goal

When you come to think of it, you really never stop learning. I took up blogging late in my life. That's why I envy (holy envy), the ones who started early in their lives to blog.

I decided to blog only a year ago. I want to prepare myself for my retirement and saw that I can do work-at-home by blogging.

So I joined Jomar Hilario's course on "How to make money online". He taught me a lot and still learning from him.

Now, I am enjoying our BC Bloggers Meme. It's really good to see how you have progressed.

I like to think that if I can do it, you can too.

Here's some of my blogs, which Jomar asks us to do to get ourselves going. Mind you, he asks us to do at least 50 blogs. I am on my 8th only. Hehehe.
My first blog, to remind me that I will be debt-free soon

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Family Bonding

Family is always first. That's my idea of my priority in life. For this Meme, I would like to share with you how we bond in my family. This, we inherited from my in-laws. They always find time to be together, Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any reason to come together, they'll do it. Bonding is a normal thing to do.

So we do the same in our family. 

The addition to the family, Xander.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: A Photo Blog

Whew! BC Bloggers always surprises me. Before I post my photo, I would like to really, really endorse  BC Bloggers, it's a place you'll enjoy hanging on.

For me, I would like to post this photo I took during my trip to Hokkaido Japan. It have been a wonderful experience. Most of the dairy farms there supply the milk to Haagen Dazs, which they say is made in Japan and supplied worldwide.

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