Saturday, June 30, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: 5 Things You Want To Do Before You Get Old

Here goes. I like this because it's really been on my subconscious mind all the time. This time I want to bring it to my conscious mind and share it with you.

So here goes.

First, my dream before I get old is to see Israel. I am believing God for my provision to bring my wife and if possible, my family to that nation so loved by God. I know it will mean a lot to me. I was made to understand that I need at least a hundred thousand pesos per person as my budget. No worries, I can believe God for that.

Secondly, make my second million. I did the first in 2000. As a gift to my wife in our old age, and not to be dependent on our children for support. I guess that's practical. I've seen this in the lives of my in-laws. Such a blessing to see them even give to us in their old age. Me too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

Great time to say something personal to my fellow bloggers at BC Bloggers. Someday I look forward to hosting this exciting and fun event.

If you are yet undecided about joining the fun, why not click here and enter a new world of blogging ideas.

For me, the things that make me happy are:
1. A date with my wife once a week, usually every Tuesday
2. Taking time to talk with my children about their daily affairs
3. Pinoy Lomi meal at Ha Yuan with my wife
4. Giving to God what belongs to Him, my Tithes
5. Seeing others blessed by my giving (in whatever form)
6. My new iPad, a gift on my birthday
7. Badminton game with my former Fujitsu office-mates at Asuncion Badminton Court
8. Then having dinner at El Monaco at Greenhills
9. Being trusted

Monday, June 11, 2012

Travel Has Its Rewards

Travel has its reward. The beautiful places, people and food. My time in Japan these couple of weeks has been very rewarding. I would like to share some of these with you.

The people that I have met were very kind and hospitable. My first time to see Hokkaido and met Mr. Sasaki. He owns a dairy farm and is managing one of the best cooperative in that area.
Mr. Sasaki treating me to an ice cream shop 
The famous Hokkaido Ice Cream made from the cows milk from their farms

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Reward of Good Works

The Lord talked about us being "His masterpiece, created for good works which God has planned for us long ago". I can't get over the stories of our interns in Hokkaido, Japan. Many of them genuinely changed by the power of God's love. They came here motivated to see their dream come to pass.

One particular story that touched my heart was that of Erna. Erna came from a very remote town in Nueva Ecija. She came to Manila to seek greener pasture since her parents couldn't afford to send her to school. She took up a course in Education but had to stop due to financial difficulties.

On the day she went to Manila, she had to cross a river and had to walk about an hour out of the remote place they live.

Fortunately, she came of our office at Uno and she was chosen to work as a Dairy Farmer here in Hokkaido, Japan.
Erna with Mr. Sasaki
Yesterday, I had the chance to talk to Erna at Mr. Sasaki's farm, where she works. The latest news is that she settled all their debts, her father has bought a tractor to cultivate their 14 hectare farm land, her father won't have borrow money from loan sharks anymore as they now have capital to start planting rice. Today she is saving her income because she plans to continue her studies when she comes home 2 years from now. That's what a year of stay in Japan did to her and her family!
Erna with Mr. Yamada and myself
The best thing was she continues to trust the Lord for her life. She surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus during the Encounter Weekend a year ago when she was still training at Uno. It was our desire to see them encounter the lover of their soul, Jesus before leaving for Japan.

Hearing her stories made my day. It's like a reward for the work that God has done in her life through us. Truly God is good and He gives us the strength to see our dream come to pass.

It been a fulfilling time for me here in Hokkaido, Japan.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Birthday Surprise!

Surprised! I was indeed surprised to be invited to my 60th birthday party. Imagine how I felt when I entered that hall which my daughter, Steph, brought me to supposedly meet her client. It was pitch dark, I was wondering why would somebody meet her in a place so dark? My mind was analyzing why? Maybe there's a booze party? Maybe it will light up once we're touched with him (another reason given so I could accompany her).  Maybe??

As I was about to enter, I saw shadows moving inside. Ahh, it's must be a karaoke club (well since it's called a club house). When suddenly the lights came and everybody shouted "Surprise!" My mind couldn't connect that which I am hearing with my daughter's supposed meeting with her client. But as Maritess came to get me inside, I slowly realized it was really a "surprise" for me because there I saw the tarpaulin on the wall with my caricature and the words that says: "Happy 60th Birthday, Jimmy".

Yes, I am so blessed to celebrate my first birthday party! A week prior to this event, I cancelled my plan to have a party since I noticed that nobody was interested in helping me with arranging one. Even my own family seem too uninterested. My friends whom I have confided to about my plans were nowhere in my radar. They seem aloof to the idea. I was a bit irritated, angry but I just brushed the thought away.

Life in Hokkaido

What's life in Hokkaido, Japan? I heard stories about the place but it was different when I sat foot on this beautiful place somewhere at the tip of Japan.

I went there to see our workers at the different dairy farms in the island. My friend and partner, Mr. Sasaki together with our representative, Mr. Yamada, brought me to a place where you can actually see Russia. It was only separated by water, amazing.
See that island in the middle? that's Russia.
How can I forget the sumptuous meals that are unique to the island. I really enjoyed the foods that I would like to share it with you.
Salad with the island's fresh seafoods
One of my favorite
But most of all, I am enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that Hokkaido gives me with its vast pasture lands for the cows. By the way, Hokkaido supplies milk to Hagen Daas which in turn supplies that well liked ice cream everybody enjoys eating.

Here's to a life well spent in Hokkaido.


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