Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Reward of Good Works

The Lord talked about us being "His masterpiece, created for good works which God has planned for us long ago". I can't get over the stories of our interns in Hokkaido, Japan. Many of them genuinely changed by the power of God's love. They came here motivated to see their dream come to pass.

One particular story that touched my heart was that of Erna. Erna came from a very remote town in Nueva Ecija. She came to Manila to seek greener pasture since her parents couldn't afford to send her to school. She took up a course in Education but had to stop due to financial difficulties.

On the day she went to Manila, she had to cross a river and had to walk about an hour out of the remote place they live.

Fortunately, she came of our office at Uno and she was chosen to work as a Dairy Farmer here in Hokkaido, Japan.
Erna with Mr. Sasaki
Yesterday, I had the chance to talk to Erna at Mr. Sasaki's farm, where she works. The latest news is that she settled all their debts, her father has bought a tractor to cultivate their 14 hectare farm land, her father won't have borrow money from loan sharks anymore as they now have capital to start planting rice. Today she is saving her income because she plans to continue her studies when she comes home 2 years from now. That's what a year of stay in Japan did to her and her family!
Erna with Mr. Yamada and myself
The best thing was she continues to trust the Lord for her life. She surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus during the Encounter Weekend a year ago when she was still training at Uno. It was our desire to see them encounter the lover of their soul, Jesus before leaving for Japan.

Hearing her stories made my day. It's like a reward for the work that God has done in her life through us. Truly God is good and He gives us the strength to see our dream come to pass.

It been a fulfilling time for me here in Hokkaido, Japan.


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