Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things About Me: BC Bloggers Meme

This is getting personal now. I appreciate all the BC Bloggers members who are very enthusiastic, excited and open to what we're ask to blog.

For those who are not yet in the group, I encourage you to join us now. It's more fun being a BC Blogger.

Ok, now for my 30 things about me.

1. I am now a grandpa.

2. I just got my Senior Citizens card last week. (Did I say that?)

3. I feel I am just starting in life and my best days are ahead of me. Would you believe, I draw my inspiration from the life is Col. Sanders, of the famous KFC. He started his business when he was 66 years old, getting out of retirement. After more than 1,000 tries, someone believed his chicken recipe and that started the KFC business.

4. My motto: : "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis, Creator of Narnia.

5. I am a Pastor of Covenant Renewal Church in Quezon City, who happens to be a businessman.

6. Married for 28 years and getting better everyday.

7. I started working with NCR Corporation and ended with Fujitsu Philippines Inc. as the Sales Director for Volume Products until my retirement.

8. I play badminton every week at Asuncion Badminton Court in San Juan together with my co-workers at Fujitsu including my former president and  with the current president.

9. This is random now, so going on, I love preaching the Word of God, for it is the power of God unto salvation to anyone who believes.

10. I love working with OFWs whom we send to Japan. I teach them Work Ethics and Values as part of their preparation in working in Japan.

11. I am now studying Nihonggo at Center for Applied Practical Skills (CAPS) whom our company, Uno overseas Placement has appointed as the training to prepare our Interns to work in Japan. I am excited and learning fast. I now know how to read and write in Nihonggo.

12. I love reading books on business and the Word of God. I recommend that you start with "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

13. Currently, I am venturing in Stock Market under the mentorship of Bo Sanchez as a member of his "Truly Rich Club".

14. I love to teach young people about entrepreneurship and financial Management. This subject, they don't teach in school. Truly, they are the generation that will change this nation.

15. I love to write, so I went into blogging.

16. I love to eat... Japanese food, specially Sashimi, sushi, grilled Samban.

17. I love to travel.

18. I love talking and interacting with people.

19. I drive a Toyota Corolla. I like it so much, so reliable and a blessing to me and my family, but I am believing God for a new car, an Innova, automatic, Pearl White.

20. I play Golf by appointment nowadays.

21. I am selective in watching movies. I like comedy and love stories.

22. I feel I am FOREVER 21, body and soul!

23. I spend time with God early in the morning before I start my day.

24. I like wearing jeans even on Sundays in church.

25. My life verse: Romans 8:28, "All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose." I like to personalize it this way: God is working all things for my good because I love God and I am called according to His purpose.

26. My goal is to travel to Israel next year with my wife.

27. When I go to the mall or Supermarket, I spend time in the hardware section. I guess I got this from my dad-in-law.

28. I don't buy things for myself. Most of my personal things like, clothes, shoes, pants and gadgets were given to me by people that God  touched to bless me.

29. I love staying in Japan than in the USA. I guess because I can travel anywhere in Japan even without a car. In the US, you need a car to go around. One more thing, it's safer in Japan.

30. Ahhh, lastly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, the One who was and who is to come. I owe Him my life for He came that I may have life and have it more abundantly.

There you are, hope you've known me a bit more. I suggest that one day we all meet together and just have fun in a more personal way.

Life is really an adventure.


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  1. You remind me of one of my favorite authors...Francis Kong. He may as well have been a pastor, but he is more of a motivational speaker and a businessman like you. :-)

  2. I also draw many insights from Francis Kong. I regularly follow his blog. Thanks for the comment Aileen.

  3. #25 is so inspiring. Your post Is over-all inspiring. More power to you and continue to inspire people.

  4. I want to venture in stock market too.. I hope I can do so sometime soon..

    30 Things About Me

    1. COL Finance is very helpful in this area. log on to www.citiseconline.com for more details about their EIP program.

  5. Great to know a fellow Christian. Also like your motto and life verse. Dream on and keep finding God's purposes for your life. God bless.

  6. those are really interesting bits of information about you! the stock market is one ambiguous thing i'd love to acquaint myself with! i am totally loving the C.S. Lewis quote I'd make it a personal matra from now on. I guess it is a sign, as I have chanced upon it today on two different sites! ;)

    it is nice knowing a little of you through this post + hopefully id' be able to find the time to participate in our meme! :)

  7. Nice to know some personal thoughts about you on this post. I also want to personally know more bloggers from our group.

  8. i also teaches my younger bro about finances, i really hope our school system should cover this important knowledge, i also love japanese foods and all things japan ;p

  9. wow! cool grandpa! I am hoping on investing at citisec na rin, hopefully, I can raise the minimum na 5K na initial deposit. I attend Bo Sanchez's group, Light of Jesus community and He and the other preachers teaches spiritual and practical things. I love it.

    late visit from bc blogger.

    1. You know what Bo is saying about investing in Stock Market. I suggest you become a member of the Truly Rich Club for guidance and information. A classic example of investing in Stock market is through EIP (Easy Investment Program) of COL Financials. If you invest say P5,000 monthly for 21 years at BPI with a 16% return a year, you'll end up with P10M. Check this out with Truly Rich Club.


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