Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5 Countries I want to Visit Before I Retire

I have always dreamt of going abroad. I have a friend who owns a tour agency whom my wife and I used to visit every week to pray for their business and study the Word of God together. I have a holy envy of the tours they plan for their customers. So I have developed a desire to also go to these countries one day.

I would like to thank you for choosing to do this blog with me. I feel excited to see your itinerary too.

For me, here's my list of 5 countries that I want to visit before I retire:

1. ISRAEL - I want to taste and see what others have been telling me about the places where our Lord have walked and been to, I guess, as a Christian, this is our dream before we settle down, if there is such a thing as retirement. I am excited and believing God to go there next year.
A beach in Israel? 
The Wailing Wall
Mar Saba Monastery, Judean Desert
What's so special about Israel? It's people, God's chosen.
Love to stroll in downtown Jerusalem

And of course the beautiful sites like the way of the cross, Golgota, Jordan river (I want to be baptize there), and many more. Just love to spend a week or two there. Just believing God for this one special request!!!
Can't help but insert this, I like to see a real Israeli soldier.
2.  SLOVENIA - The hidden romantic country. Let me just show what I mean.
Postojna, the largest cave in the world
Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia
Love to see our esteros like this one, Ljubljanica river
Island Church, Assumption of Mary Church
Like a magical island in Bled
My friends, David and Darell. Love to also sip a hot cup of coffee like they do along the Ljubljanica River
3. TURKEY- I got to hand it to David, General Manager of Tour Organizers, when he recommended to me Turkey. He says that its one of the most glorious countries in the world. I like to visit Istanbul, which embraces two continents all at once with one arm in Asia and another in Europe. I like to see the people and feel their lives. Here are some of the places I want to see:

One could visit Istanbul just shopping at the Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar, in the old city
Of course, the food, the original Kebab!

4. ICELAND- For purely nature tour, I like Iceland. Love to see their geothermal sites, the geysers, the lava, the birds, whales and falls! I can't wait to go.
Breathtaking geothermal fields
Adorable puffins, popular birds of Iceland
Breathtaking landscapes, I love to live here! Skaholt.
The Geyser at the Golden Circle
Just love to stay in this pier
And whale watching, just love nature!

5. SOUTH AFRICA -  I love to experience the safari, which I only see on National Geo. I think it will be interesting to see the world's most unique resort, the Sun City. But I like to go around the forest, which surrounds it. It will take a day day just to tour the resort, I was told.
What else can I say. I ran out of breath just doing this blog. I can see myself touring these places, why not?

By the way, if you like to join our fun, you can do it by clicking BC Bloggers. It's more fun blogging in the Philippines!

Love to see you,

P.S. David and Darell run a well-oiled, efficient, service-oriented Tour Organizer.

Photo credit: all Israel related photo from Google.com.ph. All else from Tour Organizer.


  1. I dream to visit Israel too. Unfortunately, there's no direct flight from UAE lol!

    South Africa is on my list as well for all the safari and animals to see. but thinking all the vaccine I have to get for my family, I'll settle for Safari Worl din Thailand.

    Thank you for hosting this week's meme =)

  2. Ganda pala sa Slovenia. :) Israel is a good place to visit too. :) mine is up and linked to yours :)
    btw, wanna follow each other on gfc? just message me, thank you!

    1. Thanks and ok with me re tour suggestion on gfc.

  3. My first in the list is Israel too!

  4. I have always dream to visit Israel all my life. :D I am also a Christian and I want to see for myself how life will work there.

  5. All very interesting places. This meme is giving me something else to think about while we wait for the flood waters to recede. thanks!

  6. Beautiful choice of places to visit. I dream to visit Israel too..it won't be that far from Jordan I believe. Iceland is quite interesting.

    1. Hi Chie, so you're in Jordan right now. Wow! I also wanted to go there and see if I float in the dead sea. Seriously, I want to try that. :)


    2. nope, but Jordan is one of the 5 places i wanted to visit. hopefully from there i could go to Israel. hehe

  7. Your list of countries Jimmy are actually part also of my long list of countries to visit, but my top 5 differs from yours. But yes, all your 5s were great to visit.

    Any idea guys on how to make my dream of travelling will come true? :) Thanks in advance!


  8. Thanks Jimmy for sharing all the places you want to visit before you retire and for hosting this week's meme .


  9. I got fascinated in Slovenia when I read your post.:) I want to go there too.:)

    1. I got the same feeling about Slovenia. Normally you don't select that country or it's normally out of our radar when making plans isn't it?

  10. Great list! I haven't been to any of those. I would love to visit Turkey too so I can experience their culture and go shopping as well!

  11. whew! i submitted my link with 1 min on the linky, glad to join this week's meme...

    i also want to visit Israel and Turkey though they are not on my top 5...

  12. Nice list I also want to have pilgrimage tour in israel and try a thermal spa in iceland! :)

  13. wow, nice place to visit.. it made me think of mine too..:)


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