Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Family Bonding

Family is always first. That's my idea of my priority in life. For this Meme, I would like to share with you how we bond in my family. This, we inherited from my in-laws. They always find time to be together, Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any reason to come together, they'll do it. Bonding is a normal thing to do.

So we do the same in our family. 

The addition to the family, Xander.

There will always be an opportunity to bond if you are looking for it.
My growing family
How do you keep growing? Let them marry.
My happy wife, Maritess, who is helping nurture Xander
The focus of the family, making sure he gets the family DNA
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To our life adventure,


  1. We have one big happy family, 32 and counting. Almost every month the family members go home. And you just can't imagine how noisy our house is. Christmas is our ultimate party.

  2. I have just posted my entry for the meme too and as I was visiting other blogs for ComEx, it made me realize how we filipinos love to bond specially on occasions or even when there's none at all.

    Visit my blog at
    I followed you back also. :-)

  3. Family bonding can happen anytime, anywhere even if not all family members are there. But the best is during holidays when everyone is present.

  4. I love family time! It may take a little bit of time and patience for us since we're not all living in the same country, but it's worth it!

    I'm sure your family will also practice it with their own brood. :)

  5. you have a lovely family. :)

  6. Awww! What a cutie patootie baby! :D No matter how simple a family gathering is, it still is something special to cherish!

  7. Xander is so cute. I have a large family, 6 siblings to boost. Two of us have kids and when the time comes that my other siblings will have kids of their own, it will be one nice and fun gathering.

  8. Lovely family! Cool term --> family DNA. :)

  9. I agree, you have a lovely family. :)
    Job well done for prioritizing your family first.

  10. nice photos, I missed joining the weekly meme this week :(

  11. Next time, I'll join BC Blogger's meme. :)

    Liz of Daily Love Dose

  12. Once I have my own family, I will see to it to have family bonding.

    Raven Knives

  13. Lovely photos tito! Xander is so kyoot :D

  14. Happy Family! Wish you all the best!

  15. Family reunions are always something to look forward to. Baby Xander is sooo cute! I'm sure he makes your family gathering really enjoyable these days.

  16. A beautiful family. Xander is a handsome addition to it. :)

  17. yay for family bonding! :) Xander is so cute :)


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