Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: A Photo Blog

Whew! BC Bloggers always surprises me. Before I post my photo, I would like to really, really endorse  BC Bloggers, it's a place you'll enjoy hanging on.

For me, I would like to post this photo I took during my trip to Hokkaido Japan. It have been a wonderful experience. Most of the dairy farms there supply the milk to Haagen Dazs, which they say is made in Japan and supplied worldwide.

What do you think of this ice cream? Does it look like you'll grab one too?

What do you think? Is this house a Japanese design?

I am sure you have your own photo to share. I would love to visit your site and see what you've got.

Always looking for adventure.


  1. Hmmm! I am puzzled as to what the flavor is. I am guessing lychee? Haha! xD No idea at all.

    As for the house. Seems like a fusion of Japanese and Western. :D

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  2. I love ice cream like this one especially if it's home made. I remember my childhood years, buying the locally made ice cream in our province which we fondly called "flavour of the road" ice cream. LOL!

    The house, I think that one is European inspired one?! :)


  3. looks like yogurt when viewed in mobile phone. i bet the flavor is something fruity like lychee or guyabano (if they have that).
    for the house, it looks like a modern western outside and Japanese style inside.

  4. Haagen Dasz, nawala na yung store sa may Ayala Center. But that ice cream, it looks like a snow-capped mountain to me. The house looks pretty minimalistic to me, so I guess it is. Is it, is it? :D

  5. Basta ice cream, I'll take it. This one looks like vanilla ice cream though it also reminds me of frozen yogurt. That Japanese house looks minimalist from the outside. I wonder how about in the inside.

  6. hahaha, well, im an ice cream fanatic,,its fine with me..hehhe

    check out mine:


  7. Why not? Basta ice cream gow ako jan.

    Mukhang Japanese design. Wooden yata karamihan ng mga bahay jan.

  8. I just ate ice cream and would love to grab that more, I'm miss Japan so much :(

  9. the house reminds me of doraemon! hehe yes i think its a japanese house! :P
    and i wanna taste that ice cream too!

  10. the ice cream actually looks like a sherbet? if this is vanilla makikipag agawan ako. lol!

    the house looks like a western farm house with a Japanese twist.

  11. Looks like yogurt? The house doesn't look like traditional Japanese houses. Hmm, reading about Japan makes me want to eat sushi!

  12. oh...i love ice cream, i will grab that!

  13. Sadly, Hagen Daz is closing it's stores in the Philippines. That ice cream doesn't look too creamy which is how I like my ice cream. Would love one :)

  14. Is it vanilla flavored ice cream? I don't know but got a weird interpretation re the picture that it's not yummy :C

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  15. I've heard Hokkaido's soft serve is one of the tastiest.. :) I got to try a scoop before but from a desserts shop here in the Metro, so I'm not so sure if it's really authentic.


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