Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blogs That I Regularly Read

This week, Daddy Yashiro is the sponsor of the BC Bloggers Meme about "The Blogs that I Regularly Visit". About two blogs earlier, I was privileged to sponsor the meme called "5 Countries You Want To Visit Before You Retire". I suggest that you join us at BC Bloggers. Maybe you have some good idea you can share with us. We would appreciate it so much.

I have been blogging for more than a year now. I started with zero knowledge and all I wanted was to be able to write an article online. They told me to set up my own "blog".  To help me in blogging, I frequently visit and read the following blogs for ideas, help and more ideas.
The UltraLife of Jomar Hilario 

Jomar Hilario is my mentor and has helped me start my blogs. I regularly read his blogs, where a lot of ideas and information are freely available. Also, because I am a member of his Online Mentoring Club, I get updates on new trends in online marketing every now and then.

Truly Rich Club
I also regularly visit and read Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club. I am a member and have benefited a lot from the blogs of Bo Sanchez. Also, I am regularly supplied with a lot of ideas just going through this blog.

Bo Sanchez.ph
Bo's blog is a real blessing to me as well. Because I am a member of the Truly Rich Club, I automatically get  Bo's GodWhispers and other spiritual articles on a weekly basis.

Christian PF (Christian Personal Finance)
Christian PF is one of my favorite blog to read.  I really admire his style and the content of his blog. I also source a lot of good stuff on finances from this site.  Really good blog.

Fashionista Architect
I want to include this blog. It's my daughter's blog. The reason I go visit her blog is to know what's happening with her. She's my eldest and she helps me a lot in my blogging when it comes to using "photoshop". She designed the logo of my other blog Debt Free Life Philippines. She's good at blogging too. She also helps me edit the weekly newsletter of Covenant Renewal Church, where we serve the Lord together as a family.
Ohhthat! by Tin
Tin's blog inspires me. She started late but look where she is now. She's also a member of BC Bloggers. The thing I like about her blog is the frequency by which it is updated. I get a lot of ideas from her blog as well so I regularly read it.
Shop Girl Jen

Shop Girl Jen is about shopping. Jen is a full time mom and earns working at home. She's been to a lot of blogging gigs and is fast becoming known in the industry too. I regularly visit and am amazed at how these young girls do blogging!
Brew Of The Day
Brew Of The Day is one of the first blogs that I regularly visited when I was just starting. How she manages her blog is something else. Karen is my "inaanak" and "flower girl" in our wedding. She's a teacher at Jesus Flock Academy and is a VA as well. Her blog is a source of ideas to me as well.

I think that's all for me in this space. I still have many blogs I visit but these are the ones I regularly visit.

Now it's your turn to tell me what blogs do you regularly visit and why?

Really, life is an Adventure!


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