Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Money Saving Tips

Money savings tips. This is the topic of our blog this week. Thanks to Stay at Home Blessings , our sponsor for this week's BC Bloggers Meme.

Here are my 5 Money Saving Tips, which I know is doable.

1. Maintain you stuffs. A good example of this is the maintenance of your car, if you have one. You have to do this religiously and regularly. Change oil every 5,000 km run. It saves you a lot of money by avoiding engine troubles. Also, maintain other stuffs at home, like the door knob. When you buy stuff, read the manual and know how you can properly maintain it.

2. Buy used stuffs. I don't like the idea of using used items. But then, on the practical side, I see people wear used clothes as if they are brand new. They won't know it's used since you are the one using it (unless you want them to know). I have been given shirts that came from "ukay-ukay" and they are really good stuff! Usually prices are much lower that brand new ones.

3. Buy high quality stuffs. If you have to buy, buy the best in quality even if it cost you a bit more. It will save you money in the long run. If you are buying a high-ticket item like Flat Screen TV or a washing machine, it is best to save for it and buy it on a cash basis. You can get some discount when you buy in cash.

4. Shop alone. Don't bring your children with you when going to the supermarket. You might end up buying more that what you intend to buy. It is best to do it by yourself.

5. Take time before you buy an item. It might turn out that what you want to buy might drop in price if you just wait a while. Or, you might see the same item in another shop being sold a bit lower. Don't be an impulsive buyer. Exercise self-control. My coach, Als Hollingsworth (Vertical Leap), always tells us to be disciplined, or delay your gratification. It is the best option, really.

There you are, my 5 saving tips. I hope they are helpful.

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Life is an adventure,

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  1. Maintenance is indeed important especially in the care of gadgets so it will last longer. My husband practices your tip #5. Usually, he tells me to wait awhile before buying something especially stuff that easily upgrades because of technology i.e. computer, camera, cellphone, etc. Thanks for sharing your great tips.

  2. since we have a new scooter, they have free check up coupons. we avail it to avoid some mechanical problem.


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