Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life in Hokkaido

What's life in Hokkaido, Japan? I heard stories about the place but it was different when I sat foot on this beautiful place somewhere at the tip of Japan.

I went there to see our workers at the different dairy farms in the island. My friend and partner, Mr. Sasaki together with our representative, Mr. Yamada, brought me to a place where you can actually see Russia. It was only separated by water, amazing.
See that island in the middle? that's Russia.
How can I forget the sumptuous meals that are unique to the island. I really enjoyed the foods that I would like to share it with you.
Salad with the island's fresh seafoods
One of my favorite
But most of all, I am enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that Hokkaido gives me with its vast pasture lands for the cows. By the way, Hokkaido supplies milk to Hagen Daas which in turn supplies that well liked ice cream everybody enjoys eating.

Here's to a life well spent in Hokkaido.


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