Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

Great time to say something personal to my fellow bloggers at BC Bloggers. Someday I look forward to hosting this exciting and fun event.

If you are yet undecided about joining the fun, why not click here and enter a new world of blogging ideas.

For me, the things that make me happy are:
1. A date with my wife once a week, usually every Tuesday
2. Taking time to talk with my children about their daily affairs
3. Pinoy Lomi meal at Ha Yuan with my wife
4. Giving to God what belongs to Him, my Tithes
5. Seeing others blessed by my giving (in whatever form)
6. My new iPad, a gift on my birthday
7. Badminton game with my former Fujitsu office-mates at Asuncion Badminton Court
8. Then having dinner at El Monaco at Greenhills
9. Being trusted

10. Sushi and Sashimi
11. A meal of Grilled Sanma Fish (Pacific Saury, famous in Japan)

12. Trips to Japan
13. Teaching and mentoring the young generation
14. My time with Xander, my grandson, he is such a blessing to our family
15. Lots of money in my account
16. Peace in my home
17. Courage in my heart
18. Seeing the crooks in government eradicated
19. My job
20. A blessed Philippines!

I feel good about this, really. What's yours?



  1. You are a sweet husband, i could tell. God bless you and your family!

  2. I really love Japan. Nice post! Happy blogging :)

  3. Your #15 list made me grin... and it is endearing that you are able to have a frequent date with your wife and that you find your grandson a blessing in your family!

  4. i would love to try badminton, kaso i will have to buy rackets and shoes, so hindi muna. lol

  5. nice list, it will surely make me happy big time when I have a lot of money in my bank account :). Mine is up at http://www.pinaysinglemomsnook.info/bc-bloggers-meme-things-that-make-you-happy/

  6. its true! when you know that someone trusts you makes me really happy.

  7. No. 18 would definitely make a lot of people happy :-)

  8. Sushi is one of my faves too

  9. Thanks to all who made comments. I appreciate it so much.


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