Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Birthday Surprise!

Surprised! I was indeed surprised to be invited to my 60th birthday party. Imagine how I felt when I entered that hall which my daughter, Steph, brought me to supposedly meet her client. It was pitch dark, I was wondering why would somebody meet her in a place so dark? My mind was analyzing why? Maybe there's a booze party? Maybe it will light up once we're touched with him (another reason given so I could accompany her).  Maybe??

As I was about to enter, I saw shadows moving inside. Ahh, it's must be a karaoke club (well since it's called a club house). When suddenly the lights came and everybody shouted "Surprise!" My mind couldn't connect that which I am hearing with my daughter's supposed meeting with her client. But as Maritess came to get me inside, I slowly realized it was really a "surprise" for me because there I saw the tarpaulin on the wall with my caricature and the words that says: "Happy 60th Birthday, Jimmy".

Yes, I am so blessed to celebrate my first birthday party! A week prior to this event, I cancelled my plan to have a party since I noticed that nobody was interested in helping me with arranging one. Even my own family seem too uninterested. My friends whom I have confided to about my plans were nowhere in my radar. They seem aloof to the idea. I was a bit irritated, angry but I just brushed the thought away.

Yesterday, I went to work to take care of the 100 intern workers going to Japan. I wanted to be there because I want to see them get on that us going to the airport. You can just imagine the joy on their faces. That made my day. The staff at Uno overseas were very cordial to me because they know it was my birthday. Elvira called and we talked but I was waiting if she "even remember" it was my birthday. Nothing came until the last sentence, "by the way.. happy birthday brother". That was it. Ramon was busy and went out to see their condo. But before he left, we ate lunch together and then he rushed out. They tried to set up a party for me but then it was time for me to go to get my brother out of the hospital. Jessie suffered stroke last Saturday and was confided to the hospital. I finished checking them out at 6pm. They insisted that they take a taxi going to their place way out of the metropolis. I planned to bring them home and just have our usual birthday party the next day. Greta, Jessie's wife insisted they take a taxi so I can be with my family on my birthday. So it was.

Looking back, I now know that everyone were in the game called "surprise". I was the main character and they played their roles well.

I am very grateful to my sisters, Jean and Julie, who orchestrated everything from Canada. To Jean's family, Frank, Jillian and Selina. O boy, how they blessed me. Special thanks to my wife, Maritess, my lovely daughters Rachel, Stephanie, Monica who together with Allan's precious help made everything possible to make my dream come true. Thanks guys.

To all who came, my Fujitsu family, specially Mr. & Mrs. Maningas, Fil and Suena, Peter & Bilda, Caloy & Agnes, thanks. My dear brothers, Ptr. Favor & Ptra. Gloria, Ptr. Abe & Ptra. Maya, Ptr. Gid & Ptra. Lee, you've been a blessing being there with me.

To my CRC family, Ptr. Larry & Ptra. Gina, Ptr. Butch, Ptr. Ralph & Ptra. Delia, Edna C., Andy & Cristy, Dennis & Divine, the young people, everybody who came. You are really family.

To Ace & Genette + Queenie, and to my disciples Chief Ruel & German Conde, thanks.

An most of all, to my Papa God, who knew all along that I want this party. His hand moved people's heart to make it possible. You are awesome Father! I love you.

Lastly, God gave my wish to have an Ipad! Somebody dear to me gave it as a gift on my FIRST and SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

"God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or imagine according to the power that is at work within me."

Life, my life, is really an adventure.


P.S. Another great gift from my heavenly Father, Jessie, my brother, was healed and released from the hospital and is now back home resting and recuperating.

P.P.S Thanks for all the wonderful gifts you gave me.

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