Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Just Love Tonkatsu!

I have the privilege to travel to Japan as part of my work at Uno Overseas Placement as we do monitoring work activity with our partners. My travel to Kagawa-ken in January this year is a very fruitful one. We met with many of our interns working in the area together with our Japanese Supervising organization.

The added amenities for me is the joy of eating at authentic Japanese restaurants serving authentic and famous Japanese dishes. One such dish is their famous Tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu , invented in the 19th century, is a popular dish in Japan. It consist of a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces, generally served with shredded cabbage and/or miso soup. Regardless of presentation, tonkatsu is commonly eaten with a type of Japanese Worcestershire sauce that uses pureed apple as a principal ingredient and is called tonkatsu sauce or simply sauce and often with a bit of spicy yellow karashi (Japanese mustard) and perhaps a slice of lemon.
Preparing my Tonkatsu sauce
The condiments set-up at the side of the table
Adding the sauce in the crushed sesame seeds
Ready to eat my Tonkatsu now! Miso soup compliments it.
A look at the cozy atmosphere of the resto
Ms. Nolits Otani knows where the best Tonkatsu resto is
Our waitress. I wish she can visit the Philippines one day
Thanks to Uno for this opportunity to travel and taste Japan's best dish like the Tonkatsu.

Enjoying my life's adventure,


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