Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Joy of Travelling To Japan

Many desire to have the chance to travel outside of our country. My first chance to travel was when I was chosen to go to Dayton, Ohio by my company, NCR Corporation in 1979. It was the chance of a lifetime. Unfortunately, my passport wasn't ready and I had a hard time getting one due to some technicalities on my birth certificate. Long story short, I missed the opportunity.

My second chance came when I was with Fujitsu Philippines in 1985. I was sent to Japan as a reward for being the best salesman that year. Tokyo was very modern and amazing. Their railway system was something to be envied even at that time, more so now.

Yes, travelling to Japan has since been an ordinary thing for me due to my responsibility with Fujitsu until I retired in 2000.

Today I still travel as part of my work with Uno Overseas Placement. One of the things that I enjoy every time I go to Japan is the use of public bath  called "Onsen". Most hotels that I go to have built-in Onsen for their guests.

The first time I used the Onsen, I felt awkward because I have to go in naked like all the rest. Not a Filipino culture indeed. But I easily adjusted and now I enjoy like the Japanese do.

Another thing I like when I travel to Japan is their airport. This one is in Kansai Airport. What I do is I check in early so I have more time to go around and enjoy the amenities of the airport, including foods.
My breakfast at Kansai Airport
Doing FB with their ever fast and free Wifi
Just love waiting at the airport, so comfortable
If and when you have the chance to visit Japan, don't forget to try their Onsen and enjoy their airports and foods.

I just love travel adventures.


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