Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Dream Will Come To Pass

This morning I was walking towards the bank to deposit the collection of our village association. As I was halfway to my destination, I remembered my dreams. We are dreamers. I have never seen any one who isn't. There's that quest for greatness in us. I believe God designed it that way because He is Great.

As I let my dream run through my mind, I declared that all of them will come to pass. I know, as I pursue my dream, it will come to pass. 

Back to my office, I came across Jeremy Lin's story. I was hearing a lot about this guy. What caught my attention today was Floyd Mayweather's comment about him which was featured in Yahoo today.

Then I came across an article written by Simon Chan, whom I admire when it comes to blogging and helping people get a winning mindset.

What Simon wrote was spot on for me and I would like to post a part of it here.  What ministered to me was his #2 lesson: Never give up on your dream.

Here's Simon Chan's post: 
Jeremy Lin is a success already.  He is only 23 and has a bright future ahead of him but regardless of what happens, he is a success already and we can all learn from him.
4 Lessons We Can Learn from Jeremy Lin
1) Don’t Let Others Choose Your Life
I grew up with the typical Asian stereotype that Asians should be either doctors, lawyers or engineers.  I admire Jeremy for choosing to pursue what he wanted instead of living the life that others think you should live.
2) Never Give Up On Your Dream
Jeremy Lin’s dream school was to play basketball at Stanford… when Stanford rejected him, he could have easily settled and given up on his dream.  Instead he chose the most unlikeliest places to pursue his dream and attended Harvard.  When no NBA team drafted him after graduation, Jeremy kept working hard to pursue his goal of making it to the NBA.
3) Always Be Ready
Jeremy was “lucky” and got his big break to play when some of his teammates were injured.  Luck is when “hard work meets opportunity.”  You always have to be ready cause you never know when your break will come.  Always be ready means even when there is no opportunity visible, you are constantly practicing and working on your skills.  Whether it is working on your sales skills, networking skills or basketball skills, you always have to be ready!
4) Speaking Up for What You Believe in
Jeremy Lin is Christian and speaks openly about his faith.  We can all learn and speak up for what we believe in!"

I am unstoppable. I feel I am just beginning with my quest for big things in my life. God has put greatness in my spirit and I will see it come to pass in my lifetime.


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